Our Vision Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our Values

“To become the number one E-Commerce Service Provider in the Middle East”

“Continuous Improvement to develop breakthrough ideas for innovative fully

E-Commerce products and services with high standard and state of the art solutions”

"We're about Professionalism

and Excellence in all we do"

Goals & Strategies

• Pursue profitable growth in eCommerce Projects

• Pursue expansion in the GCC, MENA and other key strategic markets

• Establish a distinctive eCommerce offering

• Consolidate and enhance market position in eCommerce

• Develop a leading regional eCommerce franchise

• Integrate organizational resources to build a scalable platform

• Boost eCommerce awareness in the Middle East

Our eCommerce Projects

Solari.me is the first online store in the Middle East specializing in Solar Energy solutions for homes, trips and personal use.

MobiTab.me is an online store specializing in accessories for smart phones & mobile devices.

R7al.me is the first online store in the Middle East specializing in products and services for Travel and Tourism, Events and Bookings.





Our Online Projects

The National Initiative to foster a culture of self-employment in the Kingdom and the Arab world.

The National Initiative to foster a culture of information entrepreneurship in the Kingdom and the Arab world.

One-Stop-Shop for all Travel & Tourism Products & Services.




The encyclopedia of eMalls. A new perspective to a unique lifestyle! Shop our specialized online stores with ONE SHARED CART!


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